Sobre el Pico y la Crisis del petróleo (en lenguas ibéricas)

[03-05-2014 10:57]

showEl atracón de deuda basura de los perforadores de esquistos para mantenerse en la rueda sinfín
showFirst Solar busca crecer reemplazando a las plantas gigantes en desiertos
showAlgunos datos más sobre el declive inminente de Dakota del Norte
[29-01-2015 19:47]

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showEl petróleo estadounidense cae a 44 dólares por barril - CNNExpansió
show¿Puede reponerse el precio del petróleo? - Diario Pagina Siete
showHace 7 horas y 57 minutosLa guerra del petróleo barato provoca ... - Economí
[16-01-2015 13:43]

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showXoán Doldán fala na Voz de Galicia sobre a caída nos prezos do cru: «Veremos moitos cambios no prezo do cru, tamén con fortes subidas»
showPor que baixa o petróleo? (Análise I: Manuel Amigo)
showConvocada a asemblea anual de socios de Véspera de Nada

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RSSThe Oil Crash

showEntrevista a Roberto Ochandio.
showCrisis energética, resistencia del sistema y cohesión social
showThe Oil Crash llega a los cinco millones de páginas vistas
[08-07-2014 16:42]

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showUltima Llamada
showEnterrando la verdad
showTasa de Retorno Energética (TRE, EROEI)

RSSCanarias ante la crisis

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showVideo Sobre el Cenit del Petroleo
showChris Martenson habla en Madrid
showCada vez más informes …

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About peak oil and oil crisis (in English)

[22-11-2014 12:11]

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show200 billion barrels of new oil production is needed by 2030
show"Russian primary industry cannot withstand this roller coaster."
showIs the Johan Sverdrup oil field in Norway a new Norwegian Bonanza?
[22-01-2015 19:12]

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showMuseletter 272: Our Renewable Future
showMuseletter 271: The Oil Price Crash of 2014
showMuseletter 270: How to Shrink the Economy without Crashing It
[15-10-2013 10:56]

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showThe Oil Drum writers: Where are they now?
showThe Last Post
showThe House That Randy Built

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showResilience Roundup - Jan 30
showThe Latest Oil Glut: Once Bitten, Twice Shy
showDid Alberta Just Break a Fracking Earthquake World Record?
[28-01-2015 19:56]

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showWhatever Happened to Peak Oil? - Power Line (blog)
showLow prices to delay 'peak oil demand' past 2030, says BofA - Reuters
showCrash in Oil Prices Should Bury Peak Oil Once and For All - teleSUR English



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showChevron reports nearly 30 percent decline in earnings and that they will abandon the Shale Natural Gas Venture in Poland
showThe Royal Dutch Shell net income fell with 57 percent, but Shell will resume drilling in Alaska
showThe new Saudi king Salman bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud



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showUK government warned of, and dismissed, peak oil warning in 2007
showUK DECC acknowledges risk of peak oil
showGovernment to develop Oil Shock Response Plan
[10-11-2009 16:52]

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showWe have already entered peak oil,' IEA source reportedly claims
showThe End Of Fossil Fuel
show'$20 Per Gallon' by Christopher Steiner

[06-01-2014 19:42]

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showAre Winters Getting Warmer in Ithaca, NY?
showIs Europe Recovering Yet?
showOil Supply Update

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showThe straight dope on oil prices
showNew report casts doubt on fracking's future
showStranded asset risks are larger than anyone thinks

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RSSThe Telegraph: Oil and Gas

showAfren shares bounce as Seplat buyout talks extended
showOil rout gives Exxon and Shell reason to buy rival 'sisters'
showQuestor share tip: Shell 6pc dividend is safe
[17-01-2011 16:01]


showThe Oil ConunDRUM
showTerrain Slopes
showUnderstanding Recovery Factors

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showLast Call
showBurying the truth
showEnergy Return on Energy Investment (TRE, EROEI) (sorry only in spanish)

Post-carbon/post-oil transition, re-localization & degrowth

[30-01-2015 12:59]

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show"The Fierce Urgency of Now": 3 days in Belgium
showPamela Boyce Simms on convening faith groups
showThe Transition Agony Aunt on reviving failed initiatives
[26-01-2015 06:01]

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showA homegrown remedy to tame American empire
showThe population prophet we all love to hate
showPeak oil pulled a fast one on me
[20-05-2009 03:37]

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showGetting Out From Behind the Wheel
showSmall, Green and Good: The role of neglected cities in a sustainable future
showPost Carbon Cities ending daily news posts


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showThe Black Hole in Ukraine
showPeak Oil and the Fracking Bubble: Could this Mimic the 2004-2008 Housing Bubble?
show"Sustainable" - How Must It Be Defined And Gauged?


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showPrepared for the Peak, January 2, 2014
showPrepared for the Peak, December 19, 2013
showPrepared for the Peak, December 12, 2013

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Otros relacionados / Other related sources

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showThe One Way Forward
showThe Mariner's Rule
showMarch of the Squirrels
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showHow to Save the Human Genus
showA Sunny Winter Solstice
showMy book is shipping!

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showWelcome to Yooper's Trails
showThe Spirit of Detroit
showIndustrail Detroit
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showBaril à 50 dollars : risque de récession majeur pour le secteur pétrolier
showContre-choc pétrolier : les Saoudiens mènent une guerre des prix contre le pétrole de schiste américain
showPétrole : le calme avant la tempête, d'après l'Agence internationale de l'énergie

Curva de producción de petróleo y curva de la energía neta extraída del petróleo