Sobre el Pico y la Crisis del petróleo (en lenguas ibéricas)

[03-05-2014 10:57]

showEl atracón de deuda basura de los perforadores de esquistos para mantenerse en la rueda sinfín
showFirst Solar busca crecer reemplazando a las plantas gigantes en desiertos
showAlgunos datos más sobre el declive inminente de Dakota del Norte
[06-03-2015 13:24]

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showAmérica Latina Petróleo por insumos: ¿solución para Venezuela? - Deutsche Welle Español
showRusia ayudará a que el barril de petróleo alcance los 100 dólares - Sputnik Mundo
showEEUU no sabe qué hacer con tanto petróleo - Cubanet
[27-02-2015 08:42]

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showLidia Senra fala do Peak Oil no Parlamento europeo
showXoán Doldán fala na Voz de Galicia sobre a caída nos prezos do cru: «Veremos moitos cambios no prezo do cru, tamén con fortes subidas»
showPor que baixa o petróleo? (Análise I: Manuel Amigo)

[26-02-2015 23:53]

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showFebrero 2015: las quiebras se aceleran en el sector petrolero
showDeclive energético y asignación de recursos
showArgentina: de su pico del petróleo al declive energético irreversible
[24-02-2015 14:49]

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showDespues el pico
showUltima Llamada
showEnterrando la verdad

RSSCanarias ante la crisis

[14-09-2012 03:07]

showVideo Sobre el Cenit del Petroleo
showChris Martenson habla en Madrid
showCada vez más informes …

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About peak oil and oil crisis (in English)

[16-02-2015 11:59]

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showDiscoveries of new oil and gas reserves drop to 20-year low!!!
showThe crash in the price of oil may change the oil market -- a look at the IEA's "Oil Medium-Term Market Report 2015"
showOil majors fail to find reserves to counter falling output
[02-03-2015 13:22]

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showMuseletter 273: Neither Utopia Nor Extinction
showMuseletter 272: Our Renewable Future
[15-10-2013 10:56]

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showThe Oil Drum writers: Where are they now?
showThe Last Post
showThe House That Randy Built

[06-03-2015 14:58]

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showEnergy Crunch: a clean energy revolution?
showWith Corporate Energy, We're Stuck in the Dark Ages -- Let's Switch to Public Ownership
showMore California Oil Industry Wastewater Injection Wells Shut Down Over Fears Of Groundwater Contamination
[04-03-2015 16:20]

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showSo Much for Hubbert's Peak Oil Theory: $20 Per Barrel Oil Soon? - Reason (blog)
showIndustry response to peak oil not enough long term - The Rock River Times
showPeak Oil Revisited - Huffington Post



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showTight Oil Production Will Fall 600,000 Barrels Per Day By June
showU.S. running out of room to store oil and gas
showShell Canada withdraws application for Pierre River heavy oil project



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showUK government warned of, and dismissed, peak oil warning in 2007
showUK DECC acknowledges risk of peak oil
showGovernment to develop Oil Shock Response Plan
[10-11-2009 16:52]

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showWe have already entered peak oil,' IEA source reportedly claims
showThe End Of Fossil Fuel
show'$20 Per Gallon' by Christopher Steiner

[06-01-2014 19:42]

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showAre Winters Getting Warmer in Ithaca, NY?
showIs Europe Recovering Yet?
showOil Supply Update

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showTaking over the grid
showThe straight dope on oil prices
showNew report casts doubt on fracking's future

[06-03-2015 12:58]

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showBP in $12bn gas fields deal in Egypt
showEd Davey: 'Crazy' Conservatives would 'frack every bit of croquet lawn'
showGovernment tells Russian billionaire: you have seven days to save North Sea gas deal
[17-01-2011 16:01]


showThe Oil ConunDRUM
showTerrain Slopes
showUnderstanding Recovery Factors

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showAfter the Peak
showLast Call
showBurying the truth

Post-carbon/post-oil transition, re-localization & degrowth

[05-03-2015 18:03]

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showTransition Penwith's journey to a thriving west Cornwall
show"When Transition forgets what it's called": the Arts and Social Change
showLucy Neal on 'Playing for Time'
[27-02-2015 20:51]

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showIf solar has gotten so cheap, why isn't there more of it?
showFollow the energy to find the money
showA homegrown remedy to tame American empire
[20-05-2009 03:37]

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showGetting Out From Behind the Wheel
showSmall, Green and Good: The role of neglected cities in a sustainable future
showPost Carbon Cities ending daily news posts

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showEnergy Navigators Project -- AmeriCorps VISTA Position Open
showSaying Goodbye to Mario
showNews from Mitraniketan
[02-03-2015 00:16]

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showStop, Hey, What's that Sound? Environmental and Political Background Hum of Civilization Tinnitus
showPetroleum Use Is Wrong For You And Me. What Can Be Done?
showChallenging the Dominant Culture's Insidious "Screenism"


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showPrepared for the Peak, January 2, 2014
showPrepared for the Peak, December 19, 2013
showPrepared for the Peak, December 12, 2013

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showPeak Meaninglessness
showThe Externality Trap, or, How Progress Commits Suicide
showWhat Progress Means
[09-02-2015 14:17]

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showAre Colleges and Universities Going to Implode?
showHow to Save the Human Genus
showA Sunny Winter Solstice

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showWelcome to Yooper's Trails
showThe Spirit of Detroit
showIndustrail Detroit
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showLa transition énergétique est-elle fermée de l'intérieur ?
showBaril à 50 dollars : risque de récession majeur pour le secteur pétrolier
showContre-choc pétrolier : les Saoudiens mènent une guerre des prix contre le pétrole de schiste américain

Curva de producción de petróleo y curva de la energía neta extraída del petróleo