Sobre el Pico y la Crisis del petróleo (en lenguas ibéricas)

[21-04-2015 12:51]

showEl atracón de deuda basura de los perforadores de esquistos para mantenerse en la rueda sinfín
[06-07-2015 04:57]

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showTendencia es que petróleo siga barato - La Prensa Gráfica
showEconomía y comercio del petróleo - Clarí
show¡Ahogados en petróleo! - El Universal (Venezuela)
[26-06-2015 09:00]

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showA necesidade dun novo modelo enerxético para Galiza (e V: Por un novo modelo enerxético para Galiza). Por Xoán Doldán
showA necesidade dun novo modelo enerxético para Galiza (IV: Caracterización do modelo enerxético galego). Por Xoán Doldán
showA necesidade dun novo modelo enerxético para Galiza (III: O panorama enerxético galego nas tres últimas décadas). Por Xoán Doldán

[30-06-2015 09:39]

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showCausas y consecuencias de la salida de Grecia de la zona euro: la perspectiva energética.
showEl Oil Crash a escala humana (Corolario)
showLa TRE de la guerra
[26-05-2015 09:52]

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showCampaña micro-mecenazgo para libro Oil Crash
showDespues el pico
showUltima Llamada

RSSCanarias ante la crisis

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showVideo Sobre el Cenit del Petroleo
showChris Martenson habla en Madrid
showCada vez más informes …

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About peak oil and oil crisis (in English)

[28-05-2015 16:29]

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showA visit to the heart of Canada's oil sands industry -- Fort McMurray
showNorth America's changed energy supply situation according to BP
showEagle Ford Traffic Deaths Increase 13% - How many of the traffic victims can be related to the extraction of shale oil?
[22-06-2015 20:55]

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showMuseletter 277: Pope Francis Rides an Encyclical
showMuseletter 276: IMF Tells a Half-Truth
showAFTERBURN: Living in a Post Carbon World
[15-10-2013 10:56]

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showThe Oil Drum writers: Where are they now?
showThe Last Post
showThe House That Randy Built

[06-07-2015 10:58]

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showPeak Oil Review - July 6
showLab rats and the corruption of how we count
showCitizens Can Sue Fracking Companies for Earthquake Damage, Says Oklahoma Supreme Court
[15-06-2015 01:49]

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showThe retreat of 'peak oil' - Washington Post
showRobert J. Samuelson: Retreat of 'peak oil' worth watching - Omaha World-Herald
showHubbert's Peak Refuted: Peak Oil Theory Still Wrong - Reason (blog)



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showThere is only so much oil in the ground
showA visit to the heart of Canada's oil sands industry -- Fort McMurray
showEtt besök i hjärtat av Kanadas oljesandsindustri – Fort McMurray – A visit in the heart of the Canadian Oil Sand Industry -- Fort McMurray



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showUK government warned of, and dismissed, peak oil warning in 2007
showUK DECC acknowledges risk of peak oil
showGovernment to develop Oil Shock Response Plan
[28-04-2015 06:27]

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showMichael wrote you a message
showWe have already entered peak oil,' IEA source reportedly claims
showThe End Of Fossil Fuel

[06-01-2014 19:42]

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showAre Winters Getting Warmer in Ithaca, NY?
showIs Europe Recovering Yet?
showOil Supply Update

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showGuest appearance on The Energy Gang podcast
showMy most recent project: NPV+
showTaking over the grid

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showObama's vote-seeking has half destroyed BP
showUS Court issues papers to Russia over Yukos affair
showQuestor share tip: Is now the time to buy BP's 6pc dividend income?
[17-01-2011 16:01]


showThe Oil ConunDRUM
showTerrain Slopes
showUnderstanding Recovery Factors

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showMicro-patronage campaign Oil Crash Book
showAfter the Peak
showLast Call

Post-carbon/post-oil transition, re-localization & degrowth

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showTransitioners' Digest (May-June 2015) REconomy
showWhen the Transition movement met the Blue Economy
showTransition Cobham's Community Garden Crowdfunder campaign
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showConsumer worldview not as entrenched as you think
showHow Pope Francis's climate encyclical is liberating the world
showPeak oiler? Not Catholic? You should still stand with the pope on climate
[20-05-2009 03:37]

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showGetting Out From Behind the Wheel
showSmall, Green and Good: The role of neglected cities in a sustainable future
showPost Carbon Cities ending daily news posts

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showWhy the Pope's Encyclical Laudato Si is Important for Non-Catholics
showIntroduction to 'Prosperous Descent'
showAnnouncing the 2015 Conference Friday Night Keynote Speakers: The Minimalists
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showThe Tres Hombres Ship is Homeward Bound
showChasing the Dollar, Or Doing Our Own Thing
showLiving Long in Nature Surrounded by Tradition on an Aegean Island


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showPrepared for the Peak, January 2, 2014
showPrepared for the Peak, December 19, 2013
showPrepared for the Peak, December 12, 2013

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showThe Dream of the Machine
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showSeeking Help from Readers
showHappy Summer Solstice
showTime to Retire (from Education)?

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showWelcome to Yooper's Trails
showThe Spirit of Detroit
showIndustrail Detroit
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showLe climat, c'est cuit : pourquoi la conférence climatique de Paris sera un succès
showChute de la production américaine de pétrole
showCombien de guerres du pétrole ? « Or Noir », mon histoire de l'abondance énergétique

Curva de producción de petróleo y curva de la energía neta extraída del petróleo