Sobre el Pico y la Crisis del petróleo (en lenguas ibéricas)

[19-04-2014 06:01]

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showUn estudio prevé hallar petróleo y no gas en el Golfo de Valencia - Diario de Ibiza
showRusia abre la llave del suministro de petróleo del Ártico -
showFuga de petróleo no afecta agua en provincia central de China - Radio Internacional de China
[17-04-2014 14:03]

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showO debate do ano! Turiel + Niño Becerra + Doldán. O xoves 24 en Barcelona
showA «Guía para o descenso enerxético» nunhas xornadas na Autónoma de Madrid
showCharla no Bierzo sobre o Peak Oil: sábado 12 de abril

[10-04-2014 12:17]

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showEl período especial cubano
showPropiedad y uso de la propiedad
showImparcialidad y dignidad

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[14-09-2012 03:07]

showVideo Sobre el Cenit del Petroleo
showChris Martenson habla en Madrid
showCada vez más informes …

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showPróximas actividades
showTejiendo redes para detener el avance de la frontera extractiva | Próximas actividades
showDescargá gratis ‘Zonas de Sacrificio’ / Próximas actividades de OPSur en Entre Ríos

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About peak oil and oil crisis (in English)

[25-02-2014 15:00]

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showClouds on the horizon for fracking companies?
showNOG Symposium: World Energy Outlook 2013 - Energy Markets Changing
showFracking in the Barnett Shale around Dallas-Fort Worth, a city of 1 million
[19-03-2014 19:21]

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showMuseletter 262: The Oil ‘Revolution’ Story Is Dead Wrong
showMuseletter 261: The Purposely Confusing World of Energy Politics
showMuseletter 260: Shale gas, peak oil and our future
[15-10-2013 10:56]

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showThe Oil Drum writers: Where are they now?
showThe Last Post
showThe House That Randy Built

[18-04-2014 09:30]

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showIs This The End Of China's Coal Boom?
showThe Age of Diminishing Returns
showMomentum on Fossil Fuel Divestment Grows as Harvard Professors, Desmond Tutu Call for Action
[17-04-2014 03:01]

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showThe Peak Oil Crisis: Cold Fusion Update - Falls Church News Press
showSept. 11 researcher, peak oil believer Michael Ruppert kills himself in California - allvoices
showPeak Oil And Global Warming -- A Question Of Culture - The Market Oracle


[19-04-2014 14:31]

showNew Energy Frontier: Drilling Into Coal for Gas
show“King Coal” Is Dying; Prince Oil & Gas Is Next
showHas crude oil production already peaked?
[16-04-2014 01:00]

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showOPEC crude oil production output falls in March
showEuropas energiberoende av Ryssland



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showUK government warned of, and dismissed, peak oil warning in 2007
showUK DECC acknowledges risk of peak oil
showGovernment to develop Oil Shock Response Plan
[10-11-2009 16:52]

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showWe have already entered peak oil,' IEA source reportedly claims
showThe End Of Fossil Fuel
show'$20 Per Gallon' by Christopher Steiner

[06-01-2014 19:42]

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showAre Winters Getting Warmer in Ithaca, NY?
showIs Europe Recovering Yet?
showOil Supply Update
[04-02-2013 02:01]

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showWhy You Should Care About Peak Oil?
showBicycling in a Post-peak Oil World
showPeak Oil
[13-04-2014 00:46]


showMy review of Russell Gold's "The Boom" for Nature
show5 finance models bringing clean power to the people
showNew podcast appearances

[18-04-2014 17:30]

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showShell chief committed to Russia despite Ukraine
showFormer BP official charged with insider trading
showBHP Billiton's bullish outlook hints at shareholder payouts
[17-01-2011 16:01]


showThe Oil ConunDRUM
showTerrain Slopes
showUnderstanding Recovery Factors

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Post-carbon/post-oil transition, re-localization & degrowth

[14-04-2014 09:27]

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showEamon O'Hara on the "important catalytic effect" of community-led action
showThe Impact We're Having: Zsanett and Zoltán of Transition Hosszúhetény
showWhy I despise self checkouts with a rare and unbridled passion

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[20-05-2009 03:37]

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showGetting Out From Behind the Wheel
showSmall, Green and Good: The role of neglected cities in a sustainable future
showPost Carbon Cities ending daily news posts


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showHouston Oil Spill in Bird Sanctuary a Marine-Fuel Disaster, While Sail Transport Remains Untapped
showSprings Eternal: Hopes against Collapse, Hopes for Consuming
showTres Hombres Tall Ship Loads Rum and More in Caribbean; Additional Ship Readied for Europe Only


[02-01-2014 15:57]

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showPrepared for the Peak, January 2, 2014
showPrepared for the Peak, December 19, 2013
showPrepared for the Peak, December 12, 2013

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showThe End of Employment
showThe Four Industrial Revolutions
showMentats Wanted, Will Train
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showNews Release
showA Most Joyous Spring Equinox to All

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showWelcome to Yooper's Trails
showThe Spirit of Detroit
showIndustrail Detroit
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showGaël Giraud, du CNRS : « Le vrai rôle de l'énergie va obliger les économistes à changer de dogme »
showPourquoi Total s'intéresse au pétrole de schiste russe
showNouvelle chute en 2013 de la production de brut des « majors », désormais contraintes à désinvestir

Curva de producción de petróleo y curva de la energía neta extraída del petróleo